Saat Mengolah Sumber Daya Alam, Kita Harus Tetap Menjaganya Agar?

Saat mengolah sumber daya alam, kita harus tetap menjaganya agar?

  1. Sumber daya alam habis
  2. Hutan gundul
  3. Kelestarian lingkungan tetap terjaga
  4. Tanah tandus
  5. Semua jawaban benar

Jawaban: C. Kelestarian lingkungan tetap terjaga

Dilansir dari Encyclopedia Britannica, saat mengolah sumber daya alam, kita harus tetap menjaganya agar kelestarian lingkungan tetap terjaga.

Baca Juga :   Going To Green Trees Park Last month, the Wilson went to Green Trees Park. Jim and Sally sat under the trees and talked and read. The children played ball. Sally decided to take pictures of the children. She focused her camera. Then, she heard a scream, Sally looked up. A man was stealing a woman’s purse. He was running in her direction. Sally though fast. She took three pictures of the man, when the police came, she gave them the film. The next day, one of Sally’s photographs was in the newspaper. under the pictures was the story of robbery. In a few hours, the police knew the men’s name and address. They went to his houses and arrested him. The man is now in jail. He was running in her direction “, the word he refers to?

Kemudian, saya sangat menyarankan anda untuk membaca pertanyaan selanjutnya yaitu Usaha pemanfaatan sumber daya hayati untuk menghasilkan bahan pangan, bahan baku dan sumber energi disebut? beserta jawaban penjelasan dan pembahasan lengkap.