Membeku adalah? –

Membeku adalah?

  1. Perubahan benda cair menjadi padat
  2. Perubahan benda cair menjadi gas
  3. Perubahan benda gas menjadi cair
  4. Perubahan benda padat menjadi gas
  5. Semua jawaban benar
Baca Juga :   Idhani : When do you have plans for the weekend? Wien : I have nothing definite planned. Why? Idhani : Saturday is Mary’s birthday party. Would you like to join with us? Wien : Sure, I could come to her party . Where are you going to have it? Idhani : It’s going to be a poor party at Jay’s apartment building Wien : That sounds like fun. Is it a potluck? Idhani : Yes, We would like for people to help us by bringing side dishes and drinks. What each of them do before going to the party?

Jawaban: A. Perubahan benda cair menjadi padat.

Dilansir dari Ensiklopedia, membeku adalah perubahan benda cair menjadi padat.